Come and watch! Its “JONCHN” and “GATO” trademarks have been applied for the customs record!

                        What is customs protection filing?
                        Customs protection filing includes trademark right customs filing, copyright customs filing and patent right customs filing.
                        The holder of the intellectual property right shall notify the general administration of customs in written form of the legal status of his intellectual property right, the situation of the relevant goods, the legal use of the intellectual property right and the import and export situation of the infringing goods, so that the customs may take the initiative to protect the relevant intellectual property rights during the supervision of the import and export goods.


                        Necessity of customs filing:
                        ●It is the precondition for the customs to take active protective measures.
                        ●It is helpful for the customs to timely find infringing goods and to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the obligee.
                        ●It can reduce the economic burden of intellectual property rights holders.
                        ●It can effectively investigate and deal with infringing goods through import and export channels.
                        ●The scope of protection is wide, and all customs in China can be included in the scope of supervision.
                        ●It can have a deterrent effect on infringers.


                        JONCHN enterprise has obtained ISO9000 international quality system certification, and its brand "JONCHN" and "GATO" products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world. With the increasing proliferation of counterfeit products in the market, JONCHN Group, while taking legal measures to defend legitimate interests, actively put on record the intellectual property customs and strengthen in-depth communication and exchange with the Customs. Assist the customs to accurately and quickly identify counterfeit products and seize them in accordance with the law, so as to reduce the huge losses caused by the influx of counterfeit products into the market.


                        How to recognize our JONCHN products:
                        1. Buy it from official agents or dealing sales
                        2. Pay attention to the trademark and package of JONCHN
                        3. Scan the code on the package and products


                        Post time: Aug-05-2022