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                        Meeting with Ethiopian Minister of Transport, Dagmawit

                        ? ? ?On the morning of July 25, 2022, Zheng Yong, General Manager of Wenzhou JONCHN Holding Group, and his delegation paid a visit to Mrs. Dagmawit, Minister of Transport of Ethiopia, in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. ? ? ? Ethiopia is an important partner of China in jointly buildin...

                        Portable solar lantern, making life more convenient

                        According to official statistics, about 789?million people worldwide live without electricity. It is estimated that 620?million people will still have no access to electricity by 2030, of which 85% are in sub-Saharan Africa. Most of these people rely on kerosene, candles, flashlights or other fos...

                        Come and watch! Its “JONCHN” and “GATO” trademarks have been applied for the customs record!

                        What is customs protection filing? Customs protection filing includes trademark right customs filing, copyright customs filing and patent right customs filing. The holder of the intellectual property right shall notify the general administration of customs in written form of the legal status of h...


                        After more than 30 years of development, it has developed into a specialized company with international operation.

                        About Jonchn

                        JONCHN?Group, founded in 1988, is headquartered in Liushi, Wenzhou, the “electrical capital of China”. It specializes in the R & D, production and sales of transmission and distribution equipment, intelligent fire protection, power supply and other products. the implementation of parts production to finished product sales and service in one of the professional company.